• LaFontaine Volkswagen Dealership

    Bloom GC will provide construction management services on the LaFontaine Volkswagen ground-up project.  The building will be targeting LEED certification, and therefore will be built with sustainability, environmental, and energy efficient objectives in mind.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to work with the LaFontaine's, and ensure that all of their dealership construction runs smoothly.

  • Vyletel Volkswagen Image Upgrade Project

    Bloom GC was recently awarded the Vyletel Volkswagen image upgrade project.  We are very excited for the opportunity to work with Marshall and his team again, and to ensure his image upgrade project runs smoothly.

  • Hines-Park Lincoln Image Upgrade Project

    Bloom GC was recently awarded Hines-Park Lincoln.  We look forward to providing our comprehensive construction management services to make their dealership image upgrade project a success!

  • Glassman Subaru Renovation Completed

    The Renovation of the Glassman Subaru/Hyundai dealership has been completed.  Bloom GC renovated both the interior and exterior of the dealership, while still allowing Glassman Subaru to operate during the work.  

  • Happy Holidays!

    Thank you to all of the companies, organizations, and individuals that sent Bloom GC Happy Holiday and New Year cards!

  • Article on Wind Turbine + Solar Panel Street Scape Lighting Option at LaFontaine Chevrolet in Dexter

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    Bloom GC comes up with an option for the LaFontaine Chevrolet building to receive a wind turbine + solar pv panel powered LED street scape lighting option for its 7 street scape lights to be installed in front of their new dealership.  Stay tuned on if this goes through!

  • President Obama Announces Nearly $4Billion in Energy upgrades to Public and Private Buildings

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    On December 2, 2011, President Obama announced a $4 billion investment in combined federal and private sector energy upgrades to buildings over the next 2 years.  60 CEO's, mayors, university presidetns, municipalities, and hospitals all were a part of this Presidential Memorandum.  The $4 billion investment covers the up front costs of the energy upgrades, and uses the long term energy savings to pay for the program.  This shows a strong commitment and understanding by the Federal Government, and Business Executives on the benefits of investing in energy efficiency upgrades.  By investing in energy efficient lighting, HVAC systems, additional insulation, and efficient windows you can reduce the energy costs of a building to a point where the project often pays for itself within 5 years.  Small business owners and our clients are starting to realize the benefits of energy efficiency as well, and are taking advantage of the DTE rebate program, as well as tax incentives to reduce their operating costs.  We can put together an energy efficient upgrade program for your building, and save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills.   


  • Ndamukong Suh attends Tamaroff Dealership Grand Opening!

    Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle for the Detroit Lions, attended the Tamaroff Dealership Grand Opening on Wednesday (9/15).  Our Project Manager for the Tamaroff Project, Kevin Cox, and his family, were able to get Suh to snap a photo with them during the Grand Opening.  Suh majored in Construction Management at Nebraska, and was particularly interested in the details of the project, though I don't think we'll be seeing a resume from him anytime soon.  Suh, along with Honda Corporate Executives and other Michigan Honda Dealers were present at the Grand Opening, and had a lot of great things to say about the Dealership construction.     

  • Tamaroff Honda Project Completed

    Bloom successfully completed the renovation project to the Tamaroff Honda project in Southfield.  Drive by Telegraph and take a look at the Dealership's fresh new look, or step on inside to see the new interior as well!